ANFIA Next Mobility Hackathon 2022

How to

Proposals can be submitted from March 1st to June 20th

During this period, competitors will be able to upload their application by connecting to this page, filling out the form that will be prepared. The proposal must be in PDF format and not exceed 20Mb.

To be part of the selection, each participant must accept the regulation.

Check the rules

Idea and motivations behind the proposal, problems addressed and objectives

Explain with a short introduction the general context, needs and motivation behind the idea. Highlight problems addressed and strategy to solve them. Identify technology innovation and how it can be implemented in a real context.

Scientific-technological state of the art

Describe the scientific-technological state-of-the-art in terms of future development and potetial limits (ex. Patent, Infrasctuctures, Technological).

Innovation proposed

Describe the innovation of your idea highlighting the originality; identify all the elements that can better explain how the results solve the problem addressed and overcome the competitive stage.

Effects, expected impacts and dissemination

Identify expected impact in terms of know how, patents and if it's possible also business results.

Are you ready?

It will be possible to register for the Next Mobility Hackathon 2022 from 21 January 2022.