Participation requirements

The Hackathon is targeted to young adults (over 18 years old) from different nations with the following profiles:

  • Design schools;
  • Engineering universities;
  • Web / mobile designer;
  • UX / UI experts;
  • Marketing;
  • Data scientist.

Each participant must prove the age of majority (over 18) under penalty of exclusion.
In addition He/She must ensure that:

  • all information contained in the Project Idea are true, accurate and complete;
  • has viewed and given consent for the treatments referred to in the attached privacy policy;
  • has not violated any law in the country of residence regarding the legality of registering and participating in the Hackathon
  • he is not in a position of conflict of interest with the Hackathon
  • the proposal and all related material don't violate the rights of third parties - including, but not limited to copyright, trademark rights, patent rights or privacy rights;
  • the proposal is free of any trademark and / or logo;
  • he relieves and undertakes to preserve the Organization from any liability or any injury, loss or damage of any nature arising from or in connection with the proposal presented.